Large Fruit & Vegetable box

For £18.50

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We have put together a selection of essential fruit and veg for delivery. Please see description below for exactly what you get.

2kg Potatoes,
500g New Potatoes,
1kg Onions,
1 Broccoli,
1 Cauliflower,
500g Carrots,
1 x swede Parsnips,
1 x 250g Mushrooms,
1x Twin Pack Little Gem lettuce,
6 Tomatoes,
1 Cherry Tomatoes 250g,
1 Loose Cooked Beetroot,
4 Satsumas,
4 Small Oranges,
2 Red Apples,
2 Green Apples,
1 Pack Red or Green Grapes 500g,
1x Strawberries 1 x 2ltr Milk Semi Skimmed,
1 Garlic Bulb