fruit buckets

fruit pots

Prepared fruit saves busy chef’s time, reduces waste and makes portion control very easy.

Our core range of prepared fruit products have been developed to suit all areas of the catering industry. We offer a wide range of premium quality hand prepared products at competitive prices.

Are products are available in 2.5ltr & 5ltr tamper evident buckets.

All our products are prepared fresh to order and can be delivered on the same day providing orders are received by 2 pm on the day of order requirement.

Shelf-life of our products is production + 5days

Storage: Keep refrigerated at 2-4c


Orange segments 5ltr Orange 3kg Drained fruit
Orange segments 2.5ltr Orange 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Grapefruit segments 5ltr Grapefruit 3kg Drained fruit
Grapefruit segments 2.5ltr Grapefruit 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Red Grapefruit segments 5ltr Red Grapefruit 3kg Drained fruit
Red Grapefruit segments 2.5ltr Red Grapefruit 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Mixed segments 5ltr Red Grapefruit, Orange,Grapefruit 3kg Drained fruit
Mixed segments 2.5ltr Red Grapefruit, Orange,Grapefruit 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Melon Pearls 5ltr Honeydew melon 3kg Drained fruit
Melon Pearls 2.5ltr Honeydew melon 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Melon Trio 5ltr Honeydew,Cantaloupe,Watermelon 3kg Drained fruit
Melon Trio 2.5ltr Honeydew,Cantaloupe,Watermelon 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Diced Pineapple 5ltr Supersweet Pineapple 3kg Drained Fruit
Diced Pineapple 2.5ltr Supersweet Pineapple 1.5kg Drained fruit
Fresh Fruit Salad 5ltr Red Seedless grapes,Honeydew melon,Supersweet Pineapple,Red Apple,Green Apple,Orange 3kg Drained Fruit
Fresh Fruit Salad 2.5ltr Red Seedless grapes,Honeydew melon,Supersweet Pineapple,Red Apple,Green Apple,Orange 1.5kg Drained fruit
Tropical Fruit Cocktail 5ltr Honeydew melon,Red seedless grapes, supersweet Pineapple,Mango,Orange,Red Grapefruit,Kiwi 3kg Drained Fruit
Tropical Fruit Cocktail 2.5ltr Honeydew,Red seedless grapes,Pineapple,Mango,Orange,Red Grapefruit,Kiwi 1.5kg Drained fruit
Florida Cocktail 5ltr Red grapefruit Segments,Orange Segments,White grapefruit Segements,Supersweet Pineapple 3kg Drained fruit
Florida Cocktail 2.5ltr Red grapefruit Segments,Orange Segments,White grapefruit Segements,Supersweet Pineapple 1.5kg Drained Fruit
Red Seedless Grapes 5ltr Red Seedless grapes 3kg Drained Fruit
Wedged Kiwi 1kg Kiwi 1kg Drained Fruit
Diced Mango 1kg Mango 1kg Drained Fruit


The snacking range

“Fruity bites” the sin free snacking range from the fruit factory is a range of fruit pots developed for people who have busy lifestyles and need something healthy to eat on the go.

Fruit is the perfect product to eat for those people that are taking a healthier approach in the way they eat.

Eating the recommended 5 day servings of fruit and vegetables is the most important element of any healthy eating plan.

We really think that there is something for everyone in our snacking range.

Product CaseSize Ingredients Weight
Pineapple Chunks 15 Supersweet Pineapple 200g
Melon Munchies 15 Galia & Cantaloupe 200g
Mango Madness 15 Mango 200g
Fruit Fingers 15 Honeydew,Cantaloupe,Pineapple 200g
Fruitini 15 Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Kiwi, Passionfruit, Mango, Kiwi 200g
Very Berry 15 Red seedless grapes, Strawberries,Blackberries,Raspberries 200g
Watermelon Salad 15 Watermelon,Red Apple,Strawberry,Red Grape,Blueberries 200g
Totally tropical 15 Pineapple,Watermelon,Orange, Kiwi, Blueberries 200g
Melon & Grape 15 Cantaloupe,Honeydew,Watermelon,Grape 200g
Apple Grape & Orange 15 Red Apple,Grape,Orange 200g
Classic Fruit Salad 15 Honeydew,Strawberry,Apple,Orange,Grape 200g
Mixed Fruit Salad 15 Apple ,Grape, Orange 150g
Pineapple Chunks 15 Supersweet Pineapple 150g
Melon & Grape 15 Honeydew Melon, Watermelon, Cantaloupe red seedless grapes 150g
Apple slices & Butterscotch sauce 15 Apple slices & Butterscotch Sauce 160g
Strawberries & Chocolate dipping sauce 15 Strawberries , Chocolate Sauce 150g
Fruit Medley with raspberry coulis 15 Strawberries, Galia Melon, Grapes, apple slices & KiwiRaspberry coulis 180g