Well the dark night’s are well and truly here, along with the bad weather ….And now the heating is constantly on!!

Here’s a brief update current produce available at the fruit factory.

Honeydew melon’s are currently of Brazilian origin, the fruit is ripe and the sugar levels are really good. I had some for my lunch today and really could have done with eating it over the sink it was that juicy.

Watermelon’s are currently Brazilian Origin the colour is not as red as I would like but it still eats very well.

Cantaloupe Melon’s are currently Brazilian and are really sweet with great sugar levels.
Mango’s are from Brazil and are the keitt variety the fruit is oblong and the skin colour is pink the fruit is yielding some good weights once peeled. There are virtually no fibres. The eating quality of this mango is excellent, I’ve been having one most day’s for my mid-morning snack.

Kiwi’s are currently Italian the fruit is firm and eats really well. Bright green flesh and speckled with tiny seeds these little beauties are packed with more vitamin c than an equivalent amount of Orange. They really do bring out Tropical Fruit Salads and Fruit Bouquets to Life.

Strawberries are currently Dutch prices have hit the roof this week with the fruits reaching £38.00 per 4kg we’ve had to dig deep this week but we can’t operate without them. The Fruit is really good in colour, great smell and they just eat divine.

Apples are currently from France as the season nears an end we will soon be switching over to Chillean and New Zealand fruits expect an increase in price.

Granny smiths are nice and green, crisp and sharp and works well with our Belgian chocolate.
Royal Gala Great colour, the fruit is quite sweet and refreshing. Sales are going well in our apple & grape snack pots.

Blueberries are Peruvian great taste and I might even take a pack home at the weekend to make some Blueberry Muffins with my little boy….Perks of the job But don’t tell the boss.
Red seedless grapes are Peruvian at the moment the fruit is quite large but crisp and super sweet but the price has increased quite a lot and I expect it to increase more as we nearer the festive period.

We are currently in the process of have a complete revamp of our website new products so watch this space it’s going to be epic .

For now that’s all folks!